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Wax and the City

I always thought my first book in English would be a biography. I had some prerequisites in mind: a Brazilian story that took place on American soil. Preferably a female one. And something light, funny, and above all, inspiring. Pretty narrow, right?

Then I heard about the wonderful J. Sisters, and their fairy tale story checked all the boxes. I knew this would be a perfect fit for my project. They are self-made women, Brazilian immigrants who came to NYC with nothing and became millionaires by inventing the world-famous Brazilian Waxing! How fun could this story be?

Brazilian Wax

NYC has so many stories, and I found a great one!

I did a little research and found out more about the Brazilian wax creators. I had no idea where this waxing modality had originated from. Neither did I know that it had spread around the world; nor that it carried in its name my own nationality. Because, oddly enough, it is not called that in Brazil, but just a “full bikini”.

Four years passed between the moment I first heard about the J. Sisters and when I actually met them in person. By then, I had relocated to Los Angeles with my tween daughters and really wanted to publish in English, so I dug in. I got intrigued: how is it possible that seven sisters who have very little formal education – but enormous discipline and drive – were able to create something that spread around the planet?

In 2016, I decided to investigate closer. I went to New Jersey, where I spend five days with the two sisters who are still living in America. They were the sweetest people on earth, and shared everything, open-heartedly. As soon as I started interviewing them, I mentally green-lit this book in my mind.


Shortly after, I flew to Brazil to meet with the other sisters. The more I dug, the more I could see a very international project unfolding. They told me about how women would fly from Russia, Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia just to be waxed by them. How Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and Oprah had their own open tabs at the salon. How Gwyneth Paltrow called them to thank for winning the Oscars (the waxing had given her self-confidence, and Brad Pitt). How Fergie, Cindy Crawford, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bündchen and forty other top celebrities were regulars. How their waxing method got popularized by Sex and the City, in an episode in which Samantha explained exactly what it is.

After all of this, I decided to call the book Wax and The City. I think it is a catchy title, since it surfs the same vibes of the TV Show, and it takes place in NYC of the late 90s. As a result of my investigation, I wrote a book proposal, and the first chapter. I haven’t been able to find a publisher yet, even with an endorsement from Naomi Campbell and a letter from a production company who already wants to adapt it into a TV series! I even gave an interview to BBC, and will keep pursuing the right editor who sees the same potential I do.

This story is like a puzzle with all the right pieces: Self-made women. Poor immigrants. A worldwide invention. A VIP and girl next door clientele. Pre, during and post 9/11. Sisters, that regardless of the family tensions, made it work _like in a pre-Kardashian kind of thing. Don’t you want to read this amazing story?!

Click the links below to learn more about the J Sisters, and subscribe to my blog for receive the first chapter, for free!


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