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How to be Zen

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

In the past fifteen years, I took up meditation as part of my daily routine. Sometimes weekly, after quarantine daily, and it became very essential to me. For a long time, I did it without knowing what was really going on deep inside of me – or why it is so powerful. Then I started getting more interested, studying and practicing regularly, and getting to genuinely understand the mechanism that is behind this extremely simple (yet totally complex) practice.

During quarantine, I decided to follow an online meditation and do it twice a day: when I wake up, to clear my mind from the oneiric world. And later at 2pm, after my lunch break, to reset my mind. I found it more powerful than doing at the end of the day, when I am already very tired, and reset is basically calling it a day.

The art of energy alignment is quiet and sutil. It works best when we don't think about it.

Magic Faith

Here is what I found out about this millenary practice that has been helping me so much:

Meditation is faith in you. In your potential. In your self-value. It is the unshakable trust in yourself and your connection to the universe.

When you meditate, you stop your intellectual activities and you can remove all the barriers that you set up during your day (and night, with dreams), such as: negative thoughts, high expectations, deep frustrations, dysfunctional fears, constant blaring. In the moment you suspend your thoughts, you remove those barriers. And when you remove those barriers, you finally connect to the ENERGY that surrounds the universe, in the purest way – the only one that will really align you with what you need.

quiet your mind & the whole universe surrenders. lao tzu

Magic Lamp

I believe that when we tense our minds and obsess with intentions without giving our energy a pause, our connection to the source of energy gets confused, and what happens is:

- We don’t connect with the energy we want / need to.

- We end up connecting with the wrong energy.

Energy connection is very simple. It is exactly like plugging a lamp in an outlet. When it is plugged, the energy doesn’t care if the lamp light will help you see things or get blind by a strong light. It doesn’t know if the bulb is working, or if when you turn it up it may start a fire because there is an electrical sparkle. The outlet just provides the energy.

In the same way, our connection with the universe provides us energy. What we are going to do with this energy is entirely up to us. My theory is that if we don’t pause our minds, reset, reboot, suspend our thoughts, intentions, fears and projections, this energy will eventually align with some of the clutter that is surrounding our minds. What if it channels a negative thought? A fear? A projection of failure? Even if it channels a fantastic thought that we really want – let’s say, to be rich – but to get to that point, it connects to very unhealthy energies, because of the mind clutter? I mean, if we think about it, the possibilities are endless. So, I am that kind of person that really pays attention to what I ask for.

Remove all brain activity and your energy works for you!

Magic Within

According to the National Science Foundation, we have between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. An average of 95% of them are… repetitive! And 80% are – shocker! – negative. So, to me meditation is a way to filter this incessant stream of impulses and select the ones that really make sense for us to connect with. The pure, deep, necessary, healthy ones? How amazing is that?

In other words, when you meditate, the goal is to stop having thoughts. Believe me, until you master it, they will come and sweep you away until you bounce back to the void state of pure presence in the moment, zero energy wasted in projections, memories or desires. Then, when you are there for a while, in the void that we all spend most of our lives running away from, I believe we elevate the important energies and discard the bad ones. If our intentions are real and deep, and silent, they then connect with our higher selves, which are connected to the full stream of universal energies.

It sounds like magic, but I can tell you – this concept of magic is not a trick. It is just something humankind grew less and less used to. We have the ability to elevate our spirits and pause the busy mind so that the higher flux works while we rest. Pretty amazing, right?



Zen Rules

- Be quiet, every day, for at least a moment. Clear your mind. Do it every day.

- Be aware of negative thoughts and remove them, every time. Like leaves of a tree, see them falling down from your mind and being swept by the wind.

- Don't obsess. Visualize what you want, focus and work for it, then have faith that the universe will deliver.

- The days meditating is hardest, you need it the most. Insist, persist, and affirm.


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