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I am a Brazilian- American book author, screenwriter and consultant with more than 80,000 books sold in my country, which puts me in the national best-seller rank.


My first novel was published when I turned 30, and in the past years I have released a total of seven books – three novels, four non-fictions (biographies and one children's book).

Apart from being a book author in Portuguese, I am a screenwriter and film & TV consultant, having scripted and collaborated in dozens of TV show and movies.

The screenwriting skills helped me shape my stories to write in a very edited, commercial, page-turner way – I am always aiming for a book that will play like a TV series or a film in the reader’s minds.  

Besides my work, I am a single mother of two amazing girls who are in college. We moved to Los Angeles in 2014, to be closer to the entertainment industry. And for a fresh start, of course. 

You can also visit my company's website, Malin Entertainment.


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