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This four-part video will introduce you to how to write a biography, memoir or an autobiography.


I will guide you to:

  • Find out what kind of book you want to write

  • Learn how to research for it

  • Jump start your writing journey


This is exclusive one-on-one process; in which I will guide you through the journey of writing your fiction / non-fiction project .

  • We will work together on a weekly basis through zoom sessions.

  • You will have access to all the videos, PDFs and exercises from the other courses.

  • Once a week, I will read and comment your work in progress, offering you solutions, criticism and guidance

  • In up to 3 months you should have your project or book ready

For more information about this option, please email me here with the subject "One-on-one Mentoring".


This 8-Week Workshop will take you from deciding on your main book idea (either a biography, a memoir or autobiography) to the moment you are ready to publish it.

This class is for people who need guidance and a weekly push but are ready to put their ideas and feelings on paper without a group or one-on-one guidance.

This class includes:

  • One weekly video

  • One weekly PDF with chores

  • One weekly writing template or exercise

  • A Facebook exclusive community

  • Bi-monthly Zoom call with me and all the students


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You're in!

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