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The Power of Prayers

(read prequel Haunted House)

After witnessing paranormal activities in my house, and the beginning of what looked like a possession of one of my daughters, I had to come up with a plan to get out of my haunted rental! I had to protect my girls at any price!

Those pics were taken in the haunted building. How far would I go to protect my girls? All the way!

During the following days after I was awakened by one of my girls babbling in a different language, I freaked out. Big, huge time. I spoke to their father, who lived not far away, and asked him to take the girls for a couples of nights. I could not let them go through any of this anymore! Unfortunately, he called me the next morning saying that our girl had also woken up and spoke that crazy language with him!

Electronics acting out: the first sign of paranormal activity.

Calling All Religions

I was petrified. I sought attention and help from a Catholic father, a pastor, a spiritual leader, a rabbi and a holy mother from the African-Brazilian Umbanda. I spent the whole week cleansing the house. I considered getting a cat to scare off the spirits. I burned so many smudge sticks that the neighbors thought a fire had started. The holy mother from Umbanda told, right away, the spirits had been attacking me from day one! It made a lot of sense.


One week after I first moved into that apartment, I experienced a major vertigo crisis. My head would spin around foolishly, I felt like falling into the void, backwards, like in Get Out. My doctor came to the house and doped me for 48 hours. If I did not get better, he would have to admit me to the hospital. When you get extremely dizzy (roller-coaster dizzy) you feel sick, and you throw up, and then of course you dehydrate. And then you need to go to the hospital for fluids. I had thought, along with my parents and doctor, that this was due to the stress of separation and moving with the girls to a new place by myself. Made sense, right?

I really experienced the Twilight Zone with Vertigo.

Now the holy Umbanda mother was telling me that it had been spirits trying to possess my body! And they were persistent - it took eight entire months for the symptoms to fully subside. They became lighter and lighter, but every time I would quickly move my head, things would spin around. I had been 100% fine for only three months when the paranormal activities started.

“You build resistance against the bad spirits, Laura, but now they are attacking in other ways. First, electronics. Now, your girls”, she concluded. I left her absolutely petrified.

The following Monday I finally started my novena. I had a terrible migraine, but I fought it and drove to the only church nearby. I lit my white candle and said my prayers, already feeling relieved. I would pray not only on Mondays, but every single day of the week, with my girls and by myself.

Candle Drama

During those nine weeks, I have experienced all kinds of terrifying dreams and weird noises in the house. But I kept doing it, and every Monday, no matter what (believe me, I had many obstacles), I went back with my candle and prayers. I had faith and I needed to materialize it! On the last week, as I approached the outside of the church, I noticed that the candle box had been removed. I could not believe it! I would not give up, on the last day! I found a safe corner in the pavement and lit the candle against a concrete bench. Then I waited for it to burn until the end of the cord, while praying for a long two hours.

Since the beginning of the prayers, things started to be much calmer, too peaceful to be true, and I was under the impression that the spirits had left us alone for just a second.

Ten days after I finished the novena, I was in the living room when I saw a letter being slipped under the door. It was from the landlords saying that because of a family emergency, I had two months to vacate the premises! They needed the apartment for their grandmother! Just like that, I was off the lease – with the help of all my guardian angels.

Three weeks later, I moved out of there. When every room was empty, I went in for a last inspection. I decided to say a prayer for the grandmother, who was about to move in. As I

I prayed for all goddesses, saints and religions! finished, I heard the faint radio music playing again in my now empty bedroom. I shut the door and never looked back.


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