For the past four years, I have always been in some kind of muscular or joint pain. I have had so many headaches and migraines, that I take a preventive medication every day. I hurt both my arms, my seat-bone, my shoulder and my sciatica. I went from running on the beach every morning to not being able to drive for more than 30 minutes. My daily Yoga and Pilates practice would constantly hurt my body, so much so that I stopped both. Same with computer time: I take breaks, stretch my arms and legs, and set the stand-up position on my desk – otherwise, I have horrible joint pains.

I made a very bad choice.

Ticking Bomb

Wait, it gets worse. In the last two years, I have felt sick at least once a week (I keep a journal). Dizziness, light head, vertigo. Fatigue. I mean, extreme fatigue. With all that happened in my life - major job change, dissolution of a partnership, engagement break-up, house move, oldest daughter off to college - just to name a few - I had a tendency to associate all my physical signs with those life events. I had been told so many times that my anxiety and aging were responsible for my symptoms that I believed it. Doctors could not find anything wrong with my exams (works, MRIs, many visits to all kinds of doctors). No, I don’t have any immunological disease that would explain those things.

To cope with this manifestations of pain, I have learned how to practice more self-care: meditation, Acunpuncture, massages, Rolfing, bubble baths, prayers, and relaxation techniques. Nothing would never make me feel really refreshed. And the underlying symptoms started to, slowly, take over of my body.

Well, friends, what I had NEVER heard or imagined is that the most plausible reason for ALL of my symptoms is a ticking bomb that I (willingly) put inside my body: breast implants. In my case, polyurethane coated silicone prosthesis.

Sisters in Pain

When Covid hit, my symptoms got worse. Fatigue became my baseline. Most days I feel like I am dragging around an extra ten pound dumbbell. Skin problems - eczema, red dots on my face, rash. Burning sensation on my arms. Ringing in my ears. Confusion, brain fog, dizziness, inability to sleep a full night because of pain around my breasts. Inflamed breast tissue.

Some of my visible symptoms.

That was when I found out about THOUSANDS of women with the exact same symptoms. All of us have one thing in common: breast implants. Silicone or saline breast implants. We have developed BII - Breast Implant Disease and sometimes ASIA - autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants. None of us even knew it was a thing. That it existed. How could we get better if we had no idea it existed?

To this date, the FDA does NOT recognize BII as a medical illness. The lobby of plastic surgery is so heavy that they claim lack of data. I guess the researchers have no Facebook or Instagram accounts, because both social medias are inundated with women sharing precious data. Statistics that shows that up to 90% of those symptoms go away after the removal of the breast implants, just magically.

Regrets? I have a few…

I had my boob job ten years ago. I was looking to reduce my excessive skin after breastfeeding my girls for two years. I went to seven surgeons and all of them told me to get implants - much less invasive than have a lift. I was against the idea, but I was self-conscious, and single. So, I ended up succumbing and had 235 mgr. of silicone implants put in each breast. Not one doctor ever mentioned that I may have any future complications. I was told those implants were forever, extremely safe and had zero side effects.

Before and After my breast Implants - subtle difference, endless poison... huge regret!

The results were fabulous. Beautiful, natural breasts. As if I had recouped my pre-motherhood body, with an extra curve. But looking back, I had my first set of migraines right after surgery... and honestly it is hard to keep track of everything I went through in the past years, impossible to screen what may have come from the intoxication of my body.

What happens is that (besides the capsular contractures) the implants let out neurotoxins, carcinogenic components, aluminium, lead, tin, platinum, epoxy resin, lacquer thinner and 30 other horrible substances. They really are trash bags, and if you worry about contaminating the planet with those horrible toxins, think about your body?

Next week I am explanting my implants - and I cannot wait for this poison to be removed from my body! Urgh! I will report back after my procedure and let you know how everything goes. Please, spread the word about this. I don’t wish it on any woman! And... wish me luck?!


Source: https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/breast-implants/medical-device-reports-systemic-symptoms-women-breast-implants

Kind reminder: not every woman who gets breast implants reports symptoms. But more and more do come forward sharing a bizarre series of indications of an illness caused by it.

"The problem is that surgeons who administer breast implants

often minimize the risks associated with this procedure."

Dr. Diana Zuckerman

Ph.D. and President of the National Centre for Health Research in the United States

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