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Born to Ukrainian Jewish immigrants, Rubens Kraskoff grew up helping his very poor family. His first job was repairing umbrellas and selling candies close to the train station. He was only eight years old. He also took care of his father, who lost his eyesight, having to become the main provider. Rubens started selling mattresses, soon opened a small warehouse, and ten years later had a chain of 28 furniture stores. Having been victim to fraud, robbery and kidnapping, he lost everything but his wife and four kids. With their love and support, he found the strength to start up again, from scratch. This time around Rubens built an empire, not of stores, but malls, proving that the sky is the limit when you have a vision, discipline and support. 

Laura Malin narrates this emotional biography, telling how a self-made man is always ready to start over. 


Publisher, 2016

Coming soon!


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