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In 1824, Leah, a 17yo Brazilian, is sent to an arranged marriage in Lisbon. When her ship stops at the island of Fernando de Noronha, she falls in love with a 27-year-old shipbuilder named Joaquim. During the one night they share on the beach, a magic star falls down from the sky into the ocean, transferring its eternal life to the couple, who stops aging. Leah is forced to embark to Lisbon, and they get separated.

For 188 years, she experiences many different lives, as she does not age. A model in Paris of the 1830s. New York of the 1900s, where Leah works as a seamstress and fights for women’s rights. In 1917, she moves to Russia, ending up a prisoner in a gulag. Then Leah becomes a wife in Japan of the 1940s. And later on, a mother in the 1970s San Francisco. 

In 2012, Leah follows her instincts and finally finds Joaquim at their own starting point: Fernando de Noronha. Its been almost two centuries and they still look the same. Will they feel the same?

Published by Agir (Brazil), 2012.

"The most interesting thing, by far, was to see where Leah really was after reading where Joaquim thought she was."

- A Garota do Casaco Roxo

"It is definitely impossible to find anything negative here."

- Tô Pensando em Ler


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