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Luiza Brunet is a former top model, a beauty icon since she sprung from the magazines’ covers in the early 1980s. Having come from a very poor family of native indigenous ascendants, she made her way up as a true symbol of the typical Brazilian beauty. Bold, Luiza has always been a step ahead in the fashion world and dared to pose naked to sell the imagine of an independent woman who has control over her own body. She instantly became a sex symbol, but managed to metamorphose into an object of admiration, and not only desire. 

Laura Malin captures, with intensity, how Luiza went from trying to save her mother and sisters from her father’s violence, while working as a cleaning lady at age 10, to being the number one top model of Brazil ten years later.

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LUIZA BRUNET - Dicas de Beleza, estilo e atitude

Revelando Luiza Brunet is a separate book, sold only by Avon, with Luiza’s tips on beauty and health.

Published by Sextante (Brazil), 2013.


"Luiza Brunet releases biography written by journalist Laura Malin."


"Luiza Brunet to launch autobiography with Laura Malin"


"Publisher Primeira Pessoa releases biography of Luiza Brunet, one of the most admired women in the country."

- Franca Insight


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